Search Tips is a searchable website.  The usual search parameters that exist on most internet sites are also applicable here.

Search Mode


This searches the composer headings for each entry.  These entries are always oriented in this way, LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. (i.e., GOULD, MORTON). Searching for the last or the first name only will result in a listing if all composers whose names contain those search terms. PLEASE NOTE, some composers are headed by an entry under their entire name (I,e,. SMITH, SAMUEL FRANCIS). Other entries are headed by the name usually found on printed music (i.e. BOYER, T.B.)

A search for composer name will result in the display of that name and the KNOWN WORKS for that composer to non-subscribers. Subscriber will find that composer’s entire entry, including biography, a list of all works with publication data, and references.

Known Work

This search criteria searches titles only, not publishers or arrangers.  A search for any word will result in a display of all titles containing THAT STRING OF CHARACTERS.  (i.e. searching for the word “nate” will display results like “Donate Generously).


This search searches the entire data base for the entered term.  PLEASE NOTE arrangers and publishers will not show up in search results at this time.  For example,

Serenata Semplice (Molenaar, 1962, arr. Gosling Mol)
Serenata Semplice will show in the results when searched, but Molenaar and Gosling Mol will not.

Diacritical Marks

Diacritical marks need NOT be included to produce results.  For example,
A search for Dusik will find the composer DUSÍK, GEJZA.

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